Mission Statement – First Draft

A 16 ft, 2 man Curach is growing in my workshop. This boat sprung from the hedgerows and nourished no doubt by the blood, sweat and tears of this novice boat builder, looks set to be fully grown by the end of July 2011. At present I am shaping one of 4, 12ft oars that will propel the lightweight, maneuverable structure of oak, deal and calico through water, allow us to carry it across land and prop the vessel as it provides us with shelter; the perfect nomadic vehicle, and the transportation of choice for a pan Highland adventure that I am planning to undertake with my crew when funding allows.

My crew will consist of four oarswomen/artists, including myself.

Thus we will not only be challenging the relatively modern myth of female fragility in this test of physical endurance but also the strength of this deceptively fragile boat.

Gnawed off the sea’s bed, a nomadic space, moving, hiding, emerging, in isolation and without a known location.

The insular character of the journey will negate the necessity for my usual ‘’entourage’’ of documentors. It will be documented in text, drawing and in the coming months I will be exploring new forms of documentation that will be hardly noticeable to us but easily followed by multi-various, scattered and incidental audiences.

Please read ‘’A Topical Paradise’’ by Hernan Diaz in the recent Cabinet Magazine publication, Issue 38.